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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Araucaria (#5)

The trunk has spines that spread
like the scales of a pineapple.
As it grows upward and you look
(gawk, more appropriately --
at that neck angle the mouth
drops bricks) there are the branches!
pine-like ones that scoop up into a bowl.
They're protected and are few
in the world due to deforestation
or just over-cutting. Honestly
it wasn't anything special to see,
but the green was deep and shocked the sky
just a bit as we rested for lunch.


Mad Teacher on the Run said...
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Mad Teacher on the Run said...

Well, they live for more than a thousand years and don't give fruit until they are 30 years or so.

They have male (brown) and female (green) flowers and their reproductive cycle takes approximately 2 years, however only the strongest trees can be part of it.

Their trunk is so hard that it's very difficult to burn and their favorite habitat is very up high in the mountains or just to grow on top of volcanic rocks.

It fed Mapuches and Spanish with its piƱones when the latter had nothing to eat when they began losing the Arauco war.

So I bet that when you looked at it and thought it was nothing special to see, it must have looked back at you and chuckled...

The older you get the wiser you are.

thehubcapkid said...

that's the loveliest poem i've seen in a while!

and possibly a little punch in the arm for some chilean flora respect?

Mad Teacher on the Run said...

XD Yup, chilean flora = serious business