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and placed it inside/my philosophy...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Nature Poem

A crunch sets the world
on fire, that is,
a pause, breath,
breath, cold and now colder
a tiny droplet of fear.
Deer lift their head
measure how far
their ears perk up
and if its not much
go back to eating
and warming
the earth with compost. But
what if another snap
snaps? What if
turning your head was
a mistake? The
world grows
with funghi-like precision
in the meantime--
a blink, another,
and spores land
into the palm
of the earth.


Olgasmic said...

Your spore stuff is better than your deer stuff - although I like the line about measuring how far.

breath, cold and now colder
a tiny droplet of fear. (it)
ears perk up and the head
was turning the head a mistake?(it)
lifts to measure
how far the crunch snapped
in funghi-like precision.
in the meantime --
a blink and spores
all in the
pause fire breath cold,
and now colder.

(it) = italics. I cut a lot, but maybe it may be expanded from there. I think this poem is pointing at the precision that is nature, but also the disorienting confusion of being unable to figure it out. Or maybe I'm missing the point.

thehubcapkid said...

i don't think i even know the point, hah. i think it's just more about a situation in the cautious animals are & intuitive -- if their ears don't perk up, it was probably nothing and just go on eating normally...
and then there's the possibility of the opposite situation, that something bad actually does happen.
but no matter what, nature just keeps on working...

i think that's the point.