Plain American Language

I cut a sliver/of WC William's finger
and placed it inside/my philosophy...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Contact Improv

Games, that's all it is--
Are you moving towards light
Are you touching, tight
Round the insides
Edges, un-trodden feet
Hair, muscular, even
Body, angular hooks struck, stricken
Rows of moving teeth,
Bridges we walk toward
Trees we push absently aside
Limbs that bend as time
Socks strewn casually on the floor
Jackets on the hooks inside
Limbs that bend as time.


Olga said...

I really like the the business going on in the middle -- sharp (from "round the insides" through "Limbs that bend as time"). Not sure about the last three lines, and the first line.

Also, new blog. Doing 80 poems in 80 days again. Let's chat soon...

Reading the District said...

you don't like that it turns into sex at the end? or what are you not sure about? i can see your point with the first line--kinda out of place.

80 poems in 80 days, eh? maybe i can rise up to that challenge once more...

great to see you back and posting!!! yes, let's talk soon!

Olga said...

Well, the sex is fine by me, but I read that into it without the last three lines, really. I see limbs bending as light twice, and it did more the first time around for me because I had to make the leap on my own. So I guess, what I am saying is that the repetition didn't add anything for me. The last three lines are weaker than everything else, and I really like the "everything else".

The first line is telling. The rest of the poem is showing, like a peep show...a SEXY peep show :)