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Friday, June 6, 2008

A Seasonal Ghazal (a ghazal is a persian form, i believe, that has a pattern that you'll see that repeats)

this is from Jane Shore's poetry workshop back from last year -- took a long time to look at it again, I thought it was done for, but recently I looked at it, and revamped it. I think it's better looking, with a few kinks in the second line and fourth line...

A Seasonal Ghazal

What defines a ghazal is a constant longing.
Summer begins to cling, becomes quiet, slow, like longing:

In fall the pine needles fall in droves.
Mid-fall is a fire; consumes like longing.

The crunch of winter, the acid smell of February.
Early March. Leaves freeze, trees know longing.

What’s the usual sound a leaf makes when
It hits the ground: a quick scream of longing.

Flower and flower drop pieces
Unintentionally. Wanting them back is a longing.

What defines a ghazal is a constant, while
Seasons shape our wavering wants & longing.

A year’s length is a constant, it’s within it that we question:
“What does love look/like?” Probably like longing,

Whereas death, the other, stays obtuse,
Always pointing. This is a year’s length: love and longing.

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